Protect the Vote in November 2022

A resource guide for safeguarding our democracy

Published Jan 6, 2022 Updated Oct 31, 2022

Three people hunched over behind privacy screens, voting.
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With the 2022 midterm election around the corner, we must do everything we can to safeguard fair elections, protect the right to vote, and ensure that voting rights laws and district maps are fairly based on facts and evidence—not political manipulation.

We cannot build the fair, equitable, science-based policies we need unless we have a healthy, functioning democracy where everyone’s voice can be heard. The science community, like every part of civil society, must stand up for democracy before it’s too late.

It is people like you—who value scientific integrity, fairness, and accountability—that can take on these threats and help build a winning coalition with the power to protect democracy and create smarter, stronger, more equitable policies.

Here's how you can get involved right now

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Use our Action Guide with 3 clear actions to get out the vote — and protect it: 1) “Tripling the vote” 2) Helping people make a “vote plan” 3) Volunteering with the Election Protection Project to be a poll watcher

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Get (and share!) the tools, tips, and action opportunities you need to effectively fight back against disinformation at

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Take the time to talk with others in your personal networks to protect voting rights — You are the most powerful person to influence other people in your networks. In this training, you'll learn the most effective skills for getting people to vote and take action to protect voting rights. Our how-to guide on Effective One-on-One Meetings for Mobilizing People into Action for Voting Rights highlights the key things you should know.

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Call your senators today to keep the pressure on to change the filibuster and pass critical voting rights legislation such as the Freedom to Vote Act and Electoral Count Act.

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Watch our video on what to expect this election cycle and what you can do to protect the vote

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