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Houses destroyed due to the Kingston coal ash spill

Coal Ash Cleanup Benefits

Cleaning up coal ash sites the right way would alleviate water contamination, address environmental justice issues, and create more jobs than current site owner plans.
Two farmers kneeling in a field

From Silos to Systems

Diet-related disease, climate change, and environmental degradation exact an enormous toll on human and planetary health. These challenges can be addressed in part by shifting what we eat and how we produce food.
Farmworkers protest carrying photo of Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez

Too Hot to Work

Outdoor workers in the US have up to 35 times the risk of dying from heat exposure than the general population.
An angled shot of the UCS lobby

Building Racial Equity

How the Union of Concerned Scientists is working to center justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) in our science-based advocacy, impact, and workplaces.
Wind power Maine

Clean Energy Transformation

UCS and an expert advisory committee's report that says the US can and must phase out fossil fuels from the entire economy and ramp up clean renewable energy while confronting the racial and economic inequities inherent in our present energy system.
Boy looking at model of atomic bomb model, "little boy" used in WWII

Japan on No First Use

President Joseph Biden can immediately declare that the United States will never be the first nation to use nuclear weapons without worrying about the effect of such a declaration in Japan.
a battery electric food delivery for Foodcycle LA

Low and Zero Emissions Zones

The Greenlining Institute and the Union of Concerned Scientists explore low- and zero-emissions zones as policy tools for achieving local air quality improvements and other benefits.
Department of Defense illustration of a hypersonic test vehicle

Slowing the Hypersonic Arms Race

Hypersonic weapons are named after a specific velocity regime—five times the speed of sound or greater. But this nomenclature is misleading, as these flight speeds are nothing new.
Coal plant

Support Coal Workers

Analysis finds it is possible to support coal workers in the clean energy transition and that these comprehensive policies are affordable.
Large farm field in Polk County, Iowa

Losing Ground

Farmland consolidation—the trend toward fewer, bigger farms—has been accompanied by social and economic consequences that threaten the long-term health of farm communities.
Woman using key fob to lock white electric vehicle that is charging

Federal EV Policy

Policies to increase EV adoption are an important component of a broad agenda to increase access to all modes of clean personal mobility and goods movement.
Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant

Countdown to Shutdown

With the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant retiring, California needs to replace all of Diablo Canyon’s output with clean energy.