The Science and Climate Litigation Webinar Series

Trainings, discussions, and case studies focused on the intersection of law, climate, and science

Published Aug 17, 2023 Updated Sep 29, 2023

In this Science Hub for Climate Litigation webinar series, we'll take a deep dive into accountability science, the role of science in climate relevant litigation, and the specific ways that researchers and other experts can help. We'll speak with a wide range of people in the climate litigation space, with a focus on building your skills and growing the climate litigation community.

All webinars are held at 3:00 p.m. ET, and are available for on-demand viewing shortly after.

Upcoming webinars

November 14 | Research on the Record

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Scientists have a range of pathways for engaging in climate litigation. We'll build on the Research on the Record toolkit to develop a deeper understanding of litigation relevant research—what research is most needed, and where do interested researchers begin?

January 16 | Science in the Courtroom

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In this workshop we'll focus on building legal knowledge and skills. Attendees will gain insights into legal procedures, approaches, standards of evidence, and the role of expert witnesses.

March 12 | Protecting Scientists

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Unfortunately, some scientists have been targeted by the fossil fuel industry in an effort to suppress their voices and power. This workshop will build your capacity to communicate fearlessly, recognize fear tactics, and know your rights. We'll share ways to protect your research and reputation, and reduce the risk of industry interference.

May 14 | Case Studies in Climate Litigation

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New cases and legal approaches, and advancements in attribution science, all make climate litigation a rapidly growing field. This panel will explore some of these exciting updates and comparative approaches. We'll set expectations for the work ahead, and discuss how scientists can further engage through the UCS Science Hub for Climate Litigation.

On-demand webinars

The State of Climate Litigation

View a recording of the webinar here.

Our expert panel shares insights on the state of climate litigation in 2023. We discuss the important role scientists can play in advancing climate accountability, and explore examples of how to get involved.

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