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Assembled below is a list of recent UCS-driven wins, chronicling the many ways we act at the intersection of science and policy. Each success is made possible through the power of our staff, Science Network, activists, and committed members.

UCS Helps Win 100% Electric Bus Fleet in San Francisco

April 2018

After a UCS and partner-led advocacy effort the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority—the second largest bus fleet in California—approved a transition to 100% zero-emission buses by 2035.

UCS Activists Help Bolster Climate Resilience in FY19 Budget

April 2018

UCS member advocacy led to strengthened funding in the FY19 federal budget for climate resilience programs through FEMA, to help individuals and communities prepare for the effects of climate change.

UCS Scorecard Spurs Fossil Fuel Disclosure

March 2018

Using the 2016 Climate Accountability Scorecard as a resource, a major shareholder pushed fossil fuel giant ConocoPhillips to disclose when it pays $50,000 or more to trade organizations supporting disinformation.

Federal Budget Restores Critical Science Funding

March 2018

Thanks in part to UCS members and supporters pressure on elected officials, the 2018 federal budget bill restored resources for critical environmental and energy research programs, cleared the way for resumption of gun violence research, and increased funding for sustainable agriculture research.

UCS Protects Federal Disaster Aid

March 2018

After a threat to funding for the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grants Program, UCS staff worked with a flood policy coalition to successfully protect crucial federal funding for homeowners of flood-prone properties.

UCS Report Helps Launch an Investigation

March 2018

The Governmental Accountability Office—an oversight agency for Congress—is investigating political interference in federal scientific advisory committees, after a request from senators who’d seen the UCS report Abandoning Science Advice.

UCS Helps Force Withdrawal of Third Anti-Science Nomination

February 2018

Through strategic local action, working with supporters and partners, UCS successfully pushed back against the nomination of climate change denier Kathleen Hartnett-White to a key federal regulatory position.

UCS Sues EPA Over Advisory Board Changes

January 2018

UCS has filed a lawsuit against EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt for changing the makeup of the agency’s advisory boards in order to limit the participation of scientists from academia and nonpartisan nonprofit organizations.

Silver Lining to GOP Tax Bill: Electric Car Credit Preserved

December 2017

After a coordinated effort with supporters and partners, blogging and meeting elected officials, UCS helped save the electric vehicle tax credit in the GOP tax bill.

UCS Mobilizes Supporters Against Toxic Nominee

December 2017

Despite working on behalf of the chemical industry, Michael Dourson was nominated to oversee EPA chemical safety. He withdrew his nomination after backlash, including strategic pressure from UCS supporters in key states.

UCS Members in IL Help Block Coal-Burner Bailout

November 2017

After UCS staff, supporters, and coalition partners in Illinois contacted their legislators to protest the bailout of coal-burning power company Dynergy, the legislature dropped the bill.

UCS Rallies Thousands to Protect Food

November 2017

UCS led supporters in successfully opposing the nomination of radio talk show host Sam Clovis for a USDA chief scientist position.

UCS Pressures NRC; Gets Results

November 2017

After UCS exposed a year-long delay by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on a safety assessment at a Mississippi plant, they finally released the report.

UCS Climate Accountability on the Senate Floor

October 2017

In a speech on the Senate floor, US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse cited UCS research tying effects of climate change—such as sea level rise—to specific companies.

Win for Clean Cars and Fuels in Oregon

July 2017

After UCS mobilized OR supporters to talk to their legislators, a transportation package passed that provides electric vehicle incentives and protects the state’s clean fuels program.

LA Commits to Zero-Emission Buses by 2030

July 2017

The city’s transit authority voted to convert its fleet of buses to zero emission technologies by 2030; UCS provided testimony, analysis, advocacy, and partnership with local organizations to support the decision.

CA Extends Law Reducing Emissions, with UCS Help

July 2017

UCS was involved in passing an extension to California’s landmark cap-and-trade climate law, along with a companion bill that addresses air quality in communities affected by pollution.

Senate Bill Preserves Earth Monitoring, Other Science at NOAA, NASA

June 2017

UCS brought scientists and other constituents to visit key senators on the Appropriations Committee, helping preserve essential science including earth monitoring satellites, weather forecasting, and more.

UCS Joins Lawsuit against President Trump’s “Two-for-One” Executive Order

June 2017

UCS filed an amicus (friend-of-the-court) brief in a case that challenges President Trump’s Executive Order requiring agencies to revoke two regulations for every new rule they issue.

UCS is among World’s Top 3 Climate Think Tanks

June 2017

For the second year in a row, the International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG) has ranked UCS as one of the world’s top 3 climate think tanks, out of more than 200 assessed.

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