Press Releases from the Union of Concerned Scientists

2019 Releases

2/15/2019 Emergency Declaration is Abuse of Authority
2/14/2019 Legislation Would Halt Ill-Conceived Trump Administration Plan to Move USDA Research Agencies
2/14/2019 EPA PFAS Plan Falls Short of a Real Commitment to Chemical Safety
2/8/2019 New ExxonMobil Climate Risk Report Parrots Much of Last Report
2/7/2019 Green New Deal Resolution Pushes Congress to Act on Climate
2/6/2019 Top Scientists Confirm 2018 Fourth Hottest Year on Record, Last Five Years Rank Hottest
2/5/2019 Latinos y los afroamericanos en California respiran alrededor de un 40 por ciento más de contaminación de vehículos que los californianos blancos
2/5/2019 Latinos and African-Americans in California Breathe about 40 Percent More Vehicle Pollution than White Californians
2/4/2019 Bernhardt Could Continue—or Even Increase—Damage Done to DOI in the Trump Era
2/1/2019 BP Backs Shareholder Climate Proposal
1/30/2019 ‘No-First-Use’ Bills Introduced Today Would Strengthen US Security, Lessen Risk of Nuclear War
1/28/2019 New UCS Report Tallies Attacks on Science in Trump Era Harming Public Health
1/24/2019 National Report Shows Natural Gas Overreliance Keeps US Power Sector Emissions High Through 2050
1/24/2019 NRC Guts a Critical Safety Regulation, Recklessly Disregarding the Critical Lessons of the Fukushima Disaster
1/18/2019 Latest Defense Report Aims to Get Military Climate Ready, But Key Information Also Missing
1/17/2019 Governor Polis Points Colorado to a Clean-Transportation Future with New Executive Order
1/16/2019 New York Advances Ambitious Climate Proposal, But Must Address Transportation
1/10/2019 Scientists Say Washington Can Exceed Targets in Proposed Clean Fuels Program
1/7/2019 US Supreme Court Allows MA AG ExxonMobil Investigation to Continue

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