Press Releases from the Union of Concerned Scientists

2018 Releases

12/14/2018 Massachusetts Offers an Ambitious Roadmap for Cleaner Transportation
12/14/2018 California Revs Up Emissions Reductions, Requires All New Buses to Be Electric by 2029
12/11/2018 Farm Bill Conference Report Heeds Evidence on SNAP and Invests in Local Food Economies, But Slashes Key Conservation Program
12/10/2018 Science Group Deeply Alarmed by Efforts to Downplay IPCC Special Report at COP24
12/6/2018 EPA Announces Another Give Away to Coal Industry
12/6/2018 Senate Should Reject FERC Nominee Bernard McNamee
12/4/2018 New Report Documents Two Years of Attacks on Science at Department of the Interior
11/29/2018 Trump Administration Attempts to Discredit National Climate Assessment to Distract Public from Stark Findings
11/22/2018 Latest National Climate Assessment Shows US Already Suffering Damages from Climate Change
11/13/2018 UCS Forced to Sue DOE, FERC for Failure to Release Public Records
11/8/2018 Oil Companies Spent Record Amounts to Successfully Block WA Carbon Fee
11/8/2018 More Than One-Third of Nation’s Nuclear Plants at Risk of Early Closure or Slated for Retirement
11/1/2018 PJM Study Shows Anticipated Administration-Mandated Coal and Nuclear Bailout Not Needed
10/25/2018 V.P. Pence’s Comments on Nuclear Weapons in Space ‘Troubling and Potentially Dangerous'
10/24/2018 NY AG’s Lawsuit Against ExxonMobil for Climate Fraud A Significant Step Toward Holding Company Accountable
10/23/2018 Illinois on Track to Drop Carbon Emissions from Electricity Use by 22 percent by 2030
10/23/2018 Illinois encaminado en reducir las emisiones de carbono por el uso de electricidad en 22 por ciento para 2030
10/22/2018 Exiting the INF Treaty Will Undermine US Security
10/22/2018 Trump Administration Proposal on Gender is Discrimination, Not Science
10/11/2018 EPA Would Put Clean Air at Risk by Disbanding Science Review Panel
10/10/2018 A Pathway to Clean, Fair Transportation for Everyone
10/9/2018 U.S. Appeals Court Rules Energy Department Can Stop Building MOX Plant
10/7/2018 Highly Anticipated IPCC Report Confirms Every Fraction of a Degree of Warming We Can Avoid Matters
10/4/2018 FERC Nomination Shows Trump’s Intent to Politicize Independent Commission
10/1/2018 More Than 1,100 Scientists Oppose Trump Administration Proposal to Reorganize USDA
9/26/2018 EPA’s Removal of Key Leader Calls Into Question Their Commitment to Children’s Health
9/25/2018 House Moves Forward with Bills Attacking Endangered Species Act
9/25/2018 Millions of Americans are Unknowingly Bailing out Coal-Fired Power Plants
9/25/2018 Analysis of Water Contamination at Military Sites Finds Health Risks Due to Toxic Chemicals Worse than Thought
9/20/2018 To Defend Public Health, Protect Voting Rights
9/18/2018 BLM Rollback of Methane Rules Betrays Taxpayers and Will Exacerbate Climate Change
9/14/2018 New Climate Risk Disclosure Act Would Ensure Investors and Public Have Information on How Companies Are Planning for Low-Carbon Future
9/12/2018 Hurricane Florence On Track to Hit East Coast Nuclear Plants
9/11/2018 Trump Administration Rolls Back Methane Rules, Opens Door to Increased Climate Pollution
9/7/2018 New Journal Article Shows No Recent Change in Brazil Amazon Deforestation Rate, Contrary to Media Narrative
8/31/2018 California Moves to Ensure Uber, Lyft Take a Climate-Friendly Path
8/29/2018 California Cements Its Climate Leadership With Passage of 100 Percent Clean Energy Bill
8/29/2018 William K. Reilly Joins the Union of Concerned Scientists Board of Directors
8/22/2018 Senator Warren Introduces Bill to Combat Special Interest Influence in Government
8/21/2018 Proposed Clean Power Plan Replacement Would Do Close to Nothing on Reducing Emissions
8/20/2018 World-Renowned Scientists: California Must Operate on 100 Percent Clean Electricity
8/17/2018 Communities, Workers and Science Group Win Case Against EPA
8/16/2018 Over 200 Public Health Experts Oppose Cuts to SNAP
8/14/2018 New Survey Offers First Look into Science in the Trump Era
8/9/2018 USDA Proposal to Move Economic Research Agency Closer to Secretary of Agriculture Threatens Scientific Integrity
8/7/2018 Estudio revela que California puede cerrar 28 plantas de gas natural de inmediato sin afectar la confiabilidad de la electricidad
8/7/2018 Study Finds California Can Close 28 Natural Gas Plants Immediately Without Affecting Electricity Reliability
8/2/2018 With Rising Global Warming Emissions, Most of US Could See 20 to 30 More Days of Extreme Heat Annually by Mid-Century
8/2/2018 Trump Administration Attacks Consumers, Climate, and States with Indefensible New Vehicle Proposal
7/31/2018 Mass. Legislature Holds the Line on State’s Clean Energy Leadership
7/31/2018 Frontline Floodplain Communities Continue to Wait as Congress Dithers on NFIP Reforms
7/25/2018 New UCS Fact Sheet Shows Midwest, Northeast Experiencing More Floods
7/24/2018 Días de 105 grados Fahrenheit (40.5C) en la región metropolitana de Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington podrían cuadruplicarse para mediados de siglo, y crecer siete veces para finales de siglo.
7/24/2018 UCS Finds 105-Degree Days in Dallas Metro Area Could Quadruple by Mid-Century, Increase Seven-fold by End of Century
7/23/2018 Department of Interior Manipulates the Facts to Undermine National Monuments
7/20/2018 Baltimore Climate Suit Reaffirms Fossil Fuel Giants Can No Longer Ignore Communities Suffering From Damage Their Products Produced
7/20/2018 Trump Administration Proposal Would Gut Endangered Species Protection
7/19/2018 New York City Climate Lawsuit Dismissal Leaves Taxpayers Alone to Shoulder Massive Climate Adaptation Costs
7/19/2018 House Appropriations Bill Puts Science, Public Health at Risk with Cuts and Riders
7/18/2018 Study Finds Electric Buses are Cleaner in All Parts of Country
7/17/2018 Trump’s USDA Chief Scientist Pick Should Commit to Evidence-Based Policy for Public Interest Over Corporate Favors
7/13/2018 House Bills Target Scientific Foundations of Endangered Species Conservation
7/12/2018 ExxonMobil Departure From Climate-Denying ALEC Long Overdue
7/10/2018 Pruitt’s Truck Decision a Test for New Administrator Wheeler
7/6/2018 Barrasso Proposal Would Critically Undermine Endangered Species Protection
7/5/2018 Pruitt’s Departure Welcome, But Overdue
7/2/2018 Rhode Island Climate Lawsuit Against Fossil Fuel Giants Helps State Residents Prepare for Changing Climate
6/28/2018 Senate Passes Farm Bill Proposal, Science Group Tasks Conference Committee with Ensuring Final Bill Evidence-Based
6/28/2018 Archaeologists Race Against Time to Save Sites from Climate Change
6/27/2018 Supreme Court Ruling on Unions Will Harm All Americans
6/26/2018 Dismissal of San Francisco and Oakland Climate Lawsuits A Setback for Efforts to Require Fossil Fuel Companies to Pay Their Fair Share of Climate Costs
6/24/2018 NOAA Mission Statement Change Would Threaten Climate, Conservation Work
6/21/2018 White House Reorganization Plan Sidelines Science, Compromises Health and Safety Without Achieving Efficiency
6/20/2018 HHS Finally Releases Chemical Study Trump Administration Hoped to Suppress
6/20/2018 Carbon Tax Proposal Promoted by Leading Conservatives Good Starting Point
6/19/2018 Colorado Joins Clean Car States, Giving a Boost to Standards Facing Trump Administration Attack
6/19/2018 Separating Children from Parents Harmful and Must Stop
6/18/2018 2.5 Million Homes, Businesses Totaling $1 Trillion Threatened by High Tide Flooding
6/18/2018 Higher Tides Will Threaten More than 20,000 California Homes by Mid-Century
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 1 Million Florida Homes Worth $351 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 100,000 North Carolina Homes Worth $28 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 115,000 Virginia Homes Worth $31 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 116,000 South Carolina Homes Worth $53 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 117,000 Louisiana Homes Worth $13 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 143,000 New York Homes Worth $98 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 23,000 Washington Homes Worth $6 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 24,000 Delaware Homes Worth $1.3 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 251,000 New Jersey Homes Worth $107 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 4,000 Pennsylvania Homes Worth $1 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 40,000 Georgia Homes Worth $13 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 5,000 New Hampshire Homes Worth $2.4 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 68,000 Maryland Homes Worth $21 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 82,000 Texas Homes Worth $17 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 89,000 Massachusetts Homes Worth $63 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/12/2018 US-North Korean Summit Could Be a Good Start to Years of Negotiations
6/12/2018 Scorecard Ranks States from Farm to Fork
6/9/2018 US Goes Rogue From Allies on Climate Change, Other Issues at G7 Summit
6/8/2018 Bipartisan Senate Farm Bill Proposal Makes Evidence-Based Investments US Farmers and Communities Need
6/7/2018 New Rankings Show Automakers Improving Efficiency, Meeting Standards—and Capable of More
6/1/2018 White House Whims Are Not Grounds for Emergency Coal, Nuke Plant Bailouts
5/22/2018 Imminent House Vote on New Low-Yield Nuclear Weapon: House Should Approve Blumenauer Amendment
5/18/2018 Scientists Tell Congress: Don’t Strip Science Out of the Endangered Species Act
5/18/2018 Deeply Flawed, Ideological Farm Bill Fails in House; Senate Should Pass Science-Based Bill That’s Good for Farmers, Communities and Eaters
5/17/2018 NY Governor’s Promise to Go Coal-Free Shows State Leadership in Clean Energy
5/16/2018 US House Committee Cuts Federal Energy Research, Boosts Energy Storage
5/15/2018 Science Group Joins Lawsuit Over Trump Rollback of Vehicle Standards
5/14/2018 Energy Department Makes the Right Decision to Kill MOX Program
5/10/2018 Ford Confirms It Can Meet Strong Vehicle Standards—Company Must Oppose Trump Administration’s Severe Rollbacks
5/10/2018 Measuring Data Shouldn’t be Political, Head of NASA Needs to Tell President Trump That
5/9/2018 Bonn Climate Talks Make Limited Progress, Increased Political Engagement Essential for Successful Outcome in Katowice This December
5/8/2018 Trump Decision to Abandon Iran Nuclear Deal Will Undermine US Security, Science Group Says
4/27/2018 Commission Sets Risky Precedent and Leaves Customers on the Hook for $1 Billion Natural Gas Plant
4/24/2018 EPA Falsely Deems Wood Burning for Electricity “Carbon Neutral”
4/24/2018 EPA Enforcement Rollback Could Increase Toxic Air Pollution, Science Group Says
4/23/2018 Scientists Oppose Pruitt’s Research Restrictions
4/18/2018 Senate to Vote Soon on NASA Nominee, Science Group Ready to Hold Bridenstine Accountable to Confirmation Hearing Promises
4/18/2018 Under Increasing Economic Pressure, US Farmers Seek Change in Next Farm Bill, New Poll Shows
4/17/2018 New FEMA Study Wisely Details Ways to Make Flood Insurance Affordable
4/17/2018 Colorado Climate Lawsuit First to Hold Fossil Fuel Companies Accountable for Wildfires, Pest Infestations, Heatwaves and Other Impacts on Tourism and Agriculture
4/17/2018 Fifty Food and Farm Groups Demand Congress Reject Stricter Work Requirements for Food Stamps
4/13/2018 MA Court Rules MA AG has Authority to Investigate ExxonMobil
4/12/2018 House Republicans Take Aim at SNAP Program, Disregarding Evidence of Success Reducing Hunger and Poverty and Stimulating Local Economies
4/11/2018 Inspector General Report Shows Clear Misconduct, Hostility to Science at Interior Department
4/5/2018 New Mobilization Will Advance Science as Midterm Elections Approach
3/30/2018 Re-opening Vehicle Standards Defies Science, Hurts Drivers and Climate
3/28/2018 Cleaner Cars Create Jobs
3/23/2018 Bolton Appointment Extremely Dangerous, Undercuts National Security
3/21/2018 Federal Spending Deal Rejects Steep Cuts Proposed by President Trump
3/21/2018 NY State Assembly Committee Votes Against Wind Energy Investments Near Military Sites
3/21/2018 Scientists Say California Can Aim Higher On Clean Fuels
3/20/2018 Pruitt’s Proposed Science Changes Are a Betrayal of His Responsibilities, Would Put Americans at Risk
3/16/2018 Ignoring the Role Climate Change Plays in US Disasters Helps No One
3/16/2018 Russian Cyber Attacks Call for Stringent Security Standards at US Nuclear Plants, But Plant Owners Want Them Weakened
3/15/2018 Mass. Governor Takes Aim at Making State, Its Infrastructure More Resilient to Future Storms
3/2/2018 ExxonMobil 10-K Leaves Shareholders in the Dark About Climate Risks, Says Science Group
3/1/2018 Putin’s Nuclear Weapons Announcement Ratchets up Arms Race
2/22/2018 New BLM Methane Rule Proposal Would Increase Pollution, Waste Public Resources
2/22/2018 UCS Board Member to be Awarded the 2018 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement
2/21/2018 Science Advocates Tell Federal Employees: Write It Down
2/12/2018 MA Clean Energy Bill Addresses State Energy, Transportation and Climate Needs
2/12/2018 Trump’s Proposed Budget Eviscerates Federal Science, Rural and Environmental Programs
2/12/2018 Trump’s Infrastructure Plan a State Burden and Pretext for Regulatory Rollbacks
2/12/2018 Science Group to Survey Thousands of Federal Scientists
2/5/2018 Hartnett White’s Withdrawal as CEQ Nominee the Right Outcome for Science, Health
2/2/2018 Nuclear Posture Review Policies Increase Risk of Nuclear War
2/1/2018 Report: Trump Nuclear Posture Review Overstates China’s Nuclear Arsenal Modernization Plans
1/30/2018 Sixteen California Mayors Say Their City Buses Should Be Zero-Emission
1/29/2018 Former Top Interior Department Official to Work with UCS to Fight for Science, Democracy
1/26/2018 California Continues to Lead on Climate As Governor Sets Ambitious ZEV Target
1/24/2018 May 2017 Missile Defense Test Was Not Held Under Real-World Conditions, New Analysis Concludes
1/24/2018 Top Scientists Release Plan for Changing US Nuclear-Use Protocol
1/23/2018 President Trump’s Tariffs Put Massachusetts Jobs, Solar Industry at Risk
1/23/2018 Scientists Sue EPA Over Advisory Board Changes
1/23/2018 President Trump’s Tariffs Put California Jobs, Solar Industry at Risk
1/22/2018 President Trump’s Tariffs Put US Jobs, Solar Industry at Risk
1/20/2018 Government Shutdown Puts Americans at Risk
1/19/2018 Government Shutdown Disaster for Science, Leaves Health and Safety of Children in Limbo
1/18/2018 Trump Administration Undermines Independent Science Advice
1/12/2018 Leaked Nuclear Posture Review Lays Out Policy Changes That Would Increase Risk of Nuclear War
1/11/2018 New Study Finds Society Now Saves $6 for Every $1 Spent Preparing for Natural Disasters
1/10/2018 NYC Climate Lawsuit Hastens End of Fossil Fuel Industry Impunity for Climate Deception
1/9/2018 ExxonMobil’s Move to Countersue California Locales Seeking Climate Damages Another Intimidation Tactic to Evade Accountability
1/8/2018 FERC Was Right to Reject DOE Proposal to Bail Out Coal Plants
1/4/2018 Facing Scrutiny, President Trump’s “Voter Fraud” Commission Shuts Down
1/4/2018 New Hampshire Residents Send Letter to New EPA Regional Administrator, Raising Local Concerns

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