Climate & Energy

Technical excellence and tireless advocacy to help solve—and prepare for—climate change.

The Climate and Energy program at UCS is a group of roughly seventy scientists, analysts, engineers, organizers, and advocates, working together to prevent the worst impacts of climate change. The program—established in 1988—works on a range of related issues, from climate impacts and mitigation, to environmental justice, fossil fuel misinformation, and state level energy policy.

Highlights from the program’s work range from the widely read “Warning to Humanity” letter in 1992, to the 100 percent clean energy bill in Minnesota, passed in 2023. The program’s experts conduct original, peer-reviewed research on climate impacts and are recognized for their expertise in modeling changes to the US electricity system. They regularly appear in national media, attend annual international climate negotiations, and participate in National Climate Assessments, the International Panel on Climate Change, and other climate and energy working groups and coalitions.

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