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Engaging with Policymakers

Bringing science to the policymaking process is crucial to our democracy—but facts alone often aren’t enough. Learn ways to effectively advocate for science by engaging with legislators.
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Food Justice

At a June 2015 meeting and community forum in Minneapolis, community leaders, policymakers, researchers, and students shared ideas and experiences on what it takes to forge trusted, equitable, and respectful partnerships to advance food policy reform.
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Community Connections

Our Lewis M. Branscomb Forum, "Community Connections," explored new ways for scientists and communities to work together to meet challenges like chemical hazards, climate change impacts, or access to healthy food.
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hurricane sandy damage at statue of liberty

Sandy, One Year Later

One year after Hurricane Sandy made landfall, UCS is holding a full-day forum to discuss how the application of scientific information can make communities more resilient and help the region plan for the future.
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Communicating Science

Since its founding, the Union of Concerned Scientists has been a leader in science and technology communication. We’ve worked with thousands of researchers and academics to help them make their work more accessible to lay audiences.