Automaker Rankings 2018

The Environmental Performance of Car Companies

Published Jun 4, 2018


The numbers are in, and the trend is clear: While the industry is making the cleanest cars on record, major automakers have slowed the reduction of global warming emissions, despite having the technology to go much further.

Some of this slowdown is a result of the industry-wide shift in sales from cars to SUVs. However, a closer analysis shows that not all manufacturers invest equally to reduce global warming emissions from the vehicles they sell, regardless of the fleet mix. Some automakers have continued to ratchet down their average emissions, even as SUVs make up a greater share of their sales.

Beginning with this report, we have decided to no longer award the “Greenest Automaker” title. Our study of emissions is too narrow to constitute a sufficient assessment of a manufacturer’s sustainability. Additionally, the title does not consider the technological leadership of smaller firms. In this year’s rankings instead we focus on technological leadership across the entire industry and the benefits it brings to consumers.

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