Cleaner Cars Are Good for Jobs

Published Mar 28, 2018


Cleaner vehicles benefit consumers, the environment and the economy. Clean car standards have led to more fuel-efficient vehicles that produce lower amounts of pollution. In addition to helping the environment, consumers save money by spending less on gasoline. The investments in clean car technologies and the money saved on gasoline, which can be put towards other purchases, benefits the US economy as a whole.


Based on an analysis by Synapse Energy Economics, Inc., clean vehicle standards are predicted to create significant job growth in the United States. The study estimates more than 100,000 jobs will be added in 2025 with that number increasing to more than 250,000 in 2035. In addition to job growth, clean vehicle standards benefit the US gross domestic product, increasing it by more than $13 billion in 2025 and more than $16 billion in 2035.

These clean vehicle benefits are at risk of being weakened as they undergo federal review. Keeping these standards in place is critical for driving innovation in the US auto industry and reducing costs for consumers across the nation.

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