Driving Progress, Fueling Savings

How California Is Tackling Global Warming, Cutting Oil Use, and Saving Drivers Money

Published Sep 25, 2014


Cars, trucks, and other forms of transportation are the single largest source of California’s global warming pollution. To address this—and help mitigate the other negative costs of oil use, such as air pollution and gas prices—California enacted the forward-looking "Assembly Bill 32" (AB32).

AB32 requires California to reduce global warming pollution to 1990 levels by 2020. To get there, California passed a series of transportation and climate solutions, including strong emissions standards for new vehicles; a cap and trade carbon program; and progressive electric vehicle and fuels policies.

In good news for drivers everywhere, the solutions are working. Emissions standards are helping make vehicles cleaner and more efficient. The cap and trade program and clean fuel policy are saving billions of dollars in air pollution-related health costs. And as they use less fuel, drivers are saving significant amounts of money on gas.

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