Florida and Georgia Nuclear Power Projects Too Risky, Costly

Published Aug 25, 2011


Florida and Georgia residents should be asking "what's in it for us?" when it comes to proposed construction of new or expanded nuclear power plants in their states. According to a new study, they probably won't be happy with the answer—because what's in it for them is primarily higher costs and greater risks. And in both states, safer, more cost-efficient energy choices are available.

Prepared for UCS by Synpase Energy Economics, Inc., the report, "Big Risks, Better Alternatives," examines the the proposed Levy nuclear power plant near Gainesville and Ocala, Florida, and a proposed expansion of the Alvin W. Vogtle nuclear plant in Burke County, Georgia. The two projects are flawed in broadly similar ways.

The nuclear industry has a long history of cost overruns and construction delays: this reactor project in Flamanville, France, is already four years behind schedule and $3.7 billion over budget. Photo: Sarens Group.

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