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Scientist speaking at a public event

Communicating Science

Since its founding, the Union of Concerned Scientists has been a leader in science and technology communication. We’ve worked with thousands of researchers and academics to help them make their work more accessible to lay audiences.
close-up image of a chicken's head in the background, overprinted with the words "We're keeping an eye on Big Chicken"

The Truth about Tyson

For too long, Tyson Foods has gotten away with putting farmers out of business, exploiting workers, poisoning our water and land, and gouging consumers.
Photo of a combine swallowing up rows of corn in a partially harvested cornfield

Tyson's Need for Feed

Tyson Foods influences farming practices on nearly 10 million acres of cropland—an area roughly twice the size of New Jersey.
Two farmers kneeling in a field

From Silos to Systems

Diet-related disease, climate change, and environmental degradation exact an enormous toll on human and planetary health. These challenges can be addressed in part by shifting what we eat and how we produce food.