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Shopping for Change

Our web feature Shopping for Change is a resource to help you make informed shopping choices and learn more about your role and policymakers' roles in the food system.

Shopping for Change

Under the slick supermarket packaging lies a food system that’s failing us. The good news is, we know how to build a better one.
Sonny Perdue seen from behind speaking to an audience

Betrayal at the USDA

The USDA should rely on science to help farmers and meet the nation's food needs. Instead, under Secretary Sonny Perdue, it's more like the Department of Agribusiness.
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A Farm Bill for Good Food

"Good food” procurement programs can be a powerful force for a better food system. We've identified several ways the 2018 farm bill can help these programs succeed.

The Farm Bill

The farm bill is a large, multifaceted piece of legislation, renewed by Congress roughly every five years, that shapes federal food and agricultural policy.
Cafeteria worker loading roast chicken onto serving trays

Purchasing Power

Public institutions buy a lot of food—which means they can play a key role in building a better food system.

Recipe for a Better Food System

Abundant, healthy food that's affordable for everyone. Fair wages and working conditions for food and farm workers. Farmland and surrounding landscapes preserved for future generations. That's the food system we need, but not the food system we have.

Subsidizing Waste

The public pays twice for US farm policy: once to subsidize outdated industrial farming practices, then again to fix the resulting problems. We can do better.