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This is Science with Jess Phoenix Episode 16: The Highest Stakes

The Highest Stakes

Jess catches up with lawyer and climate negotiator Hafij Khan about the critical Loss and Damage fund and this year's conference.
This is Science with Jess Phoenix Episode 14: Skin Deep

Skin Deep

Happy Halloween! Jess talks with UCLA librarian Megan Rosenbloom about the spooky science of uncovering what makes some old books extra rare.
This is Science With Jess Phoenix Episode 13: Dust to Eat

Dust To Eat

Jess digs into the science of soils and farming in the century of climate change with Dr. Rick Cruse of the University of Iowa.
This is Science - Episode 12, Science Fiction

Science Fiction

Science fictions are widely held dangerous beliefs that are not supported by science. Jess explores a few of these in anticipation of the continued propagation of science myths during the next US election cycle.
This is Science with Jess Phoenix: Ungulates, Overlords, and Uprisings: Artificial Intelligence Unleashed

Artificial Intelligence Unleashed

Jess talks with artificial intelligence experts Chris Mattmann of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Meriem Bekka of vmWare about the technological, social, and environmental aspects of our A.I. future.
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The New Dark Ages

Jess speaks with Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse about the influence of fossil fuel dark money in politics today.
This is Science with Jess Phoenix Episode 7: Destroyer of Worlds

Destroyer of Worlds

Jess speaks with Oppenheimer biographer Kai Bird about one of Earth's most influential humans and his scientific and political legacies.
This is Science with Jess Phoenix Mini Episode: Under Pressure

Under Pressure

Jess speaks from her experience conducting deep ocean research to answer questions about the recent disasters of the migrant ship sunk in Greek waters and the implosion of the Titan submersible.