Presidential Recommendations for 2020

A Blueprint for Defending Science and Protecting the Public

Jacob Carter, Taryn MacKinney, Genna Reed, Gretchen Goldman

Published Jan 29, 2020

Cover of UCS report, Presidential Recommendations for 2020

The Trump administration's unprecedented attacks on science and science-based policy have demoralized scientists, stunted or stalled important research efforts, and weakened or rolled back crucial public protections. At the same time, these attacks have clearly shown the inadequacy of current policies to safeguard scientific integrity and the role of science in decisionmaking.

To address these shortcomings, the next president must show leadership and take concrete actions to restore and strengthen scientific integrity in government and ensure that science informs decisions that affect our health, safety, and environment. To ensure that these decisions truly serve the public interest, the president should also take steps to protect voting rights and limit the influence of money in politics.

Our report presents more than 100 specific recommendations for presidential action, grouped under seven broad themes: promoting science-based decisionmaking; strengthening scientific integrity; enforcing transparency in decisionmaking; addressing conflicts of interest; safeguarding government scientists; fostering public participation in decisionmaking; and protecting democratic processes.


Carter, Jacob, Taryn MacKinney, Genna Reed, Gretchen Goldman. 2020. Presidential Recommendations for 2020: A Blueprint for Defending Science and Protecting the Public. Cambridge, MA: Union of Concerned Scientists.