Proposed Heavy-Duty Truck Standards

Commercial Trucks Could Use Less Fuel and Save Billions

Published Jul 13, 2015


The Obama administration has proposed new rules governing the fuel efficiency and carbon emissions of tractor-trailers, delivery vans, and other medium- and heavy-duty trucks. The rules build on an earlier round of standards and impact new vehicles released in model years 2018-2029.

If finalized, the standards would cut oil use by over a million barrels every two days. By not burning that oil, the United States would, over the lifetime of trucks affected by the rule, avoid 1 billion metric tons of global warming emissions. That’s roughly equivalent to the emissions created by powering all U.S. households for a year.

While strong, the administration’s proposal could still be improved. Stronger standards would require a 40 percent reduction in fuel consumption by 2025—a technically feasible and cost-effective target that, when compared to the current proposal, saves more fuel, sooner.

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