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Electric semi truck being charged

Ready for Work

The variety of heavy-duty electric vehicles has increased, with many environmental and economic benefits for those considering making the switch.
Farmworkers carrying baskets with bandanas over their faces

Farmworkers at Risk

Pesticide exposure and heat stress conditions combine to present significant risks to farmworkers’ health and safety. Policies to protect their well-being from these threats are urgently needed.
A missile housed in a missile silo

Nuclear No First Use Spotlight

A No First Use policy contributes to global stability, reduces risk of other countries using nuclear weapons against the US and makes it less likely they'll be used period.
USDA scientist holding a soil sample

Safeguarding Soil

Many people think of soil as “just dirt,” but soil is the foundation of our food system, and taking care of it is vital for our future.
Wind turbines in a farm field

Clean Fuels for the Midwest

Increasing the use of cleaner transportation fuels in the Midwestern US is a smart way to help address climate change and support to local economies.
People waiting in a long line to vote in Arizona

Our Unhealthy Democracy

The United States needs to restore and improve electoral integrity and political equality in state legislatures to address growing inequalities and empower communities to protect themselves.
Child eating a bowl of Cheerios

Champions of Breakfast

By sourcing grains sustainably, cereal makers can help farmers improve soil health, prevent water pollution, and reduce the climate impact of our agricultural system.