Stormy Seas, Rising Risks

What Investors Should Know About Climate Change Impacts at Oil Refineries

Published Feb 22, 2015


When we think about fossil fuel companies in connection with climate change, we’re likely to focus on the role of their products in generating carbon emissions. But these companies are also, like everyone else, subject to the impacts of climate change.

Oil refineries, in particular, are highly vulnerable to climate impacts such as sea level rise and increased storm intensity. And many of the companies that operate refineries are not disclosing these risks adequately to shareholders and local communities.

Our 2015 report Stormy Seas, Rising Risks focuses on facilities run by the top five U.S. refining companies, assessing both the extent of their climate risk and the companies’ failure to address that risk and publicly disclose it to their investors.

Letters from Investors, Ceres, and UCS

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