UCS Vanguard

Everything You Want in a Car...and Less (Global Warming Pollution)

Published Mar 2, 2009 Updated Mar 20, 2009


From families to farmers, drivers across the nation have been waiting for “no compromises” vehicles—cars and trucks that can help keep America running strong while countering the health, economic, and environmental threats posed by global warming pollution.

Existing technology and fuels make it possible for us to enjoy cleaner but still affordable cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, and minivans today. The global warming emission reduction law for vehicles adopted by California and 14 other states actually requires automakers to start making these cleaner vehicles. Unfortunately, automakers are attempting to block these laws, and refuse to make the clean and affordable vehicles Americans want. That’s why the vehicle engineers at the Union of Concerned Scientists set out to show what you’re missing.

The Vanguard is a minivan blueprint developed by UCS engineers that meets California’s global warming emission standards simply by using existing technologies and fuels, saving money at the pump while maintaining the levels of safety and performance that drivers expect. Many cars and trucks on the road today already use at least one of the climate-friendly components used in the Vanguard, but none come close to matching the potential benefits of the full Vanguard package.

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