Drivers of Domestic Wells Vulnerability During Droughts in California's Central Valley

J. Pablo Ortiz-Partida, Angel S. Fernández-Bou

Published Nov 29, 2023

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A peer-reviewed article in Environmental Research Letters.

In this study, we present a spatial statistical model to identify critical localized factors within the food-water-human system that contribute to the vulnerability of domestic wells during droughts. Our results indicate that the depth of domestic wells, density of domestic and agricultural wells, socioeconomic conditions, and the extent of perennial crops play significant roles in predicting well failures during droughts.


Rodríguez-Flores, José M., Fernandez-Bou, Angel Santiago., Ortiz-Partida, J. Pablo., Medellín-Azuara, Josué.
2024. Drivers of domestic wells vulnerability during droughts in California's Central Valley. Environmental Research Letters. 19:014003

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