Federal Support for Electricity Storage Solutions

State Perspectives on Research, Development, and Demonstration

Published Jul 16, 2018


In March 2018, 21 experts from 13 states convened on Capitol Hill to discuss one of the most important emerging technologies in the world today: energy storage.

Their conclusion? Storage could fundamentally transform the way we produce and use electricity, and offers a range of benefits for ratepayers and grid operators, as well as the environment, the economy, and national security.

However, the United States is losing its leadership role on the issue, as other countries—namely, China—corner the market on key components. To account for this—and make the US electricity system more reliable, affordable, and secure—federal policymakers should:

  • Adopt a diverse research, development, and demonstration portfolio of energy storage technologies
  • Conduct high-risk/high-reward research in areas where the private sector is not investing
  • Pursue more demonstration projects, using states and communities as laboratories of innovation
  • Develop standardized technology metrics to evaluate effectiveness, spur advances, and increase investor confidence
  • Keep the talent pipeline full by expanding partnerships with universities
  • Work more closely with industry by expanding public-private partnerships
  • Create a federal energy storage roadmap and increase coordination among programs and agencies

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