Inter-Model Agreement on Projected Shifts in California Hydroclimate Characteristics Critical to Water Management

Geeta Persad, J. Pablo Ortiz-Partida

Published Oct 3, 2020

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A peer-reviewed article in Climatic Change.

Shifts away from the historical hydroclimate in populated regions can have dire consequences for water management. Here, we assess projected future shifts in the state of California in a range of hydroclimate metrics critical to water management, using data from 10 statistically downscaled global climate model and two emissions scenarios currently used by the state. Our results highlight both the viability and critical importance of incorporating climate change projections quantitatively into water management decisions in California and other regions vulnerable to hydroclimate shifts, and underscore the need to develop integrated climate-hydrologic-operations models and decision-making protocols capable of accounting for all projected hydroclimate shifts.


Persad, G.G., Daniel L. Swain, Claire Kouba, and J. Pablo Ortiz-Partida. 2020. "Inter-model agreement on projected shifts in California hydroclimate characteristics critical to water management." Climatic Change.

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