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Coal plant

Support Coal Workers

Analysis finds it is possible to support coal workers in the clean energy transition and that these comprehensive policies are affordable.


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Large farm field in Polk County, Iowa

Losing Ground

Farmland consolidation—the trend toward fewer, bigger farms—has been accompanied by social and economic consequences that threaten the long-term health of farm communities.
Got Science? The Podcast - Leah Penniman

Farming While Black

Leah Penniman discusses how community farms can uproot the food system and create opportunities for Black and Brown farmers.

Nuclear Weapons

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Got Science? The Podcast - Dave Cooke

The EV Promise

Vehicles expert Dr. Dave Cooke explains how US automakers make big environmental promises while lobbying to pollute.

Science & Democracy

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Photo of presidential candidate Joe Biden sitting with a mask on and a flag-like red and white background

Biden Science Tracker

President Biden promised to make stronger federal science a priority for his administration. How well is the administration performing in turning this promise into action?
Closeup of COVID-19 vaccine being injected into a person's arm

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ

As COVID-19 vaccines become more widely available, it's important to have access to reliable scientific information. Here are answers to the most common questions.