Water-Smart Power

Strengthening the U.S. Electricity System in a Warming World

Published Jul 3, 2013 Updated Jul 16, 2013


The country stands at a critical crossroads. Many aging, water-intensive power plants are nearing the end of their lives. The choices we make to replace them will determine the water and climate implications of our electricity system for decades to come.

Today’s electricity system cannot meet our needs in a future of growing demand for power, worsening strains on water resources, and an urgent need to mitigate climate change.

But we can dramatically reduce these water and climate risks by choosing options such as renewable energy and energy efficiency. The key is to understand what a low-carbon, "water-smart" electricity future looks like – and to make decisions today that move the country down that path. This report of the Energy and Water in a Warming World Initiative (EW3) shows how.

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